Elizabeth S Bullard, MD

Diagnostic Evaluations:  our physicians are specialists in evaluating behaviors, experiences and prior assessments (medical, neurological, psychiatric and psychological). The initial appointment provides the physician with the information necessary to Reach a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan, which is further refined at subsequent follow-up visits.

Medication Evaluations:  Our physicians have expertise in psycho-pharmacology across the spectrum of mental illness and will review short-term and long-term options for treatment. Medication management of disorders is usually combined with other forms of treatment, including individual and family psychotherapy and psycho-education.

psychotherapy:  our physicians have expertise in a wide range of psychotherapeutic modalities, which are tailored to meet the needs and diagnoses of our patients.

Initial Consultation

Adults:         60 min: $250-$360

Children:    60 Min: $360

Follow-up Visits

Adults:       30 min:  $130

                    45 min:  $195

Children:   30 min:  $145

                 45 min:  $215