How Can I Benefit from Psychotherapy?

How Can I Benefit from Psychotherapy?

Life can be difficult, whether you’re going through a bad breakup or you’re suffering from crippling anxiety. While journaling and talking to family and friends might help, you may still feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle. The good news is, a treatment called psychotherapy can significantly improve your life simply through talking to a skilled listener.

Our team at Carolina Wellness Psychiatry is here to help you with any type of mental health disorder or problem you’re dealing with. Our expert psychiatrists provide you with many treatment options, including psychotherapy, to overcome the obstacles in your life.

The basics of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a type of treatment that uses talking combined with other techniques to help you get through mental health problems. However, it doesn’t just help you with mental health disorders — it can also help you overcome things such as daily stressors.

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy our psychiatrists use to help you overcome your problems. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is probably the most well-known type of psychotherapy. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy works by helping you identify harmful thoughts or behaviors, and then substituting them with more effective thinking patterns and behaviors. This type of therapy helps you to identify the problems in your mind, and overcome them with a change in the way you think and behave.

However, there’s more to psychotherapy than just CBT — in fact, there are many different approaches our team offers, including:

Our doctors determine the type of psychotherapy you need after talking with you and learning about what’s bothering you. Once you get started with therapy, you’ll be on the road to a stronger and healthier mind.

Who can it help?

Psychotherapy has the ability to help a wide range of people who are undergoing many different circumstances. In fact, it’s helpful with many different types of mental health disorders, such as:

Psychotherapy also helps if you’re suffering from personality disorders. However, you don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder to undergo this type of treatment. Talk therapy can also help you when you’re dealing with a big life change or having a problem in an interpersonal relationship.

How you can benefit from psychotherapy treatment

Whether you’re dealing with depression or are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotherapy can benefit you, and we often use it in combination with other treatments to give you the best chance at overcoming your obstacles. 

One major benefit is stress management. When you talk to our doctors, you develop a relationship that allows you to open up and discuss what you’re dealing with. You can then develop strategies to avoid stressors and triggers to overcome your problems.

Another benefit is it helps you hone in on your communication skills to manage anything from depression to relationship problems. Other benefits you’ll be able to experience include:

Psychotherapy improves your life overall, because it helps you discover the problems you’re facing and gives you the tools to overcome those problems in a safe and healthy way. 

If you feel as though psychotherapy is something that could help you improve your life, call our team today at 919-446-3232 to set up an appointment, or request a consultation using our online booking tool.

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