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How Psychotherapy Can Benefit Your Mental Health

How Psychotherapy Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Psychotherapy is a primary treatment option for people with mental health problems. While medications work, they may work better when you're also involved with psychotherapy.

Dr. Elizabeth Bullard, Dr. Allison Foroobar, and Dr. Sarah Gilbert offer various psychotherapy treatments for patients with mental health disorders at Carolina Wellness Psychiatry.

Our team specializes in psychiatry and psychology and provides you with the tools you need to live happily, even with a mental health problem.

Understanding psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one of the many tools health care providers use to help people with mental health disorders. Also called talk therapy, mental health professionals use psychotherapy to help you identify unhealthy behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

There are various types of psychotherapy to help you delve into your emotions and discover what's going on in your mind that you can change. We also provide the tools to make goals and slow changes over time for optimal results.

Our team carefully evaluates each patient and their goals to determine the type of psychotherapy best for them. Some of the different forms of therapy we offer for mental health concerns include:

You can have psychotherapy by yourself or with your spouse or family members who may be key characters in your emotions.

Psychotherapy aims to help you understand your feelings and give you the tools necessary to overcome negative thoughts and emotions to cope with them appropriately.

Conditions psychotherapy helps

When you think of psychotherapy, your mind may go right to anxiety and depression. But those are only two conditions of the many we help through treatment. Various other disorders benefit from psychotherapy, including the following:

Psychotherapy isn't just for mental health problems, either. We can use this therapy for other issues, including extreme stress, coping with a new health condition, or dealing with grief after losing a loved one.

If you're struggling with your emotions and are having troublesome thoughts that you can't control by yourself, psychotherapy may be a good option for you.

Benefits of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a valuable tool that allows people with mental health problems, or those dealing with stressful situations, to cope and learn to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Anyone who needs to talk about their feelings and sort out emotions can benefit from some form of psychotherapy.

If you happen to be living with a mental health condition, there are several added benefits to psychotherapy, some of which include:

Psychotherapy may be as helpful, if not more so, than taking medications alone. We evaluate each patient individually to determine the best treatment route.

We may prescribe you medications along with psychotherapy or try therapy before prescribing mental health medications, depending on your goals and current health.

If you're dealing with mental health concerns and want to learn more about psychotherapy, don't hesitate to call our office today at 919-446-3232, or request a consultation on the website.

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