The Benefits of Telepsychiatry

When you’re suffering from a mental health disorder, there are many therapies that can help. You may be on medications to help control your condition, or you may be starting cognitive behavioral therapy to manage your symptoms. However, it can be hard to get to appointments with your busy lifestyle, and you may be hesitant to go out with the coronavirus still lurking around. This is where telepsychiatry can help.

At Carolina Wellness Psychiatry, our team provides you with the resources you need to control your symptoms and help you live a more fulfilling life. No matter what kind of mental health or behavioral disorder you’re dealing with, our team of board-certified psychiatrists offers both in-office and telepsychiatry visits to meet your lifestyle.

Telepsychiatry: what is it?

Telepsychiatry is a type of treatment that can be done from the comfort of your home. It involves everything a traditional appointment has, except you don’t need to come into the office for help. It also helps during this time of uncertainty with the coronavirus, as it doesn’t require you to be around anyone else.

This form of treatment is a way for our doctors to connect with you through a video chat, where all your information still remains confidential. Our doctors provide therapy through this service, and can also help you manage your medications through telepsychiatry.

Other than a condition that presents as life-threatening or emergent, just about any condition can be treated through virtual appointments. However, at our facility, our team specializes in telepsychiatry to treat mental health conditions such as:

Even if you aren’t suffering from a mental health disorder, but need help in another area of your life, telepsychiatry is for you. Whether it’s counseling for you and your partner or a difficult life change, our doctors are able to help you without ever stepping foot in our office.

How telepsychiatry can benefit you

The main benefit of this type of therapy is that it’s flexible in meeting the demands of your schedule and your life. In fact, you might just feel more comfortable discussing the issues that you’re having while at home, rather than in an unfamiliar environment like an office.

Another benefit is that, just as it would be in our office, your information remains completely confidential, and is kept between you and our doctors. Just because it’s a virtual appointment, we still want you to know that you have the same privacy as you would in person.

It’s also sometimes hard for you to get to appointments due to work or child care problems. With telepsychiatry, you can make your appointment for a time that’s convenient for your schedule, and it eliminates the need to take unnecessary time off work. There are many other benefits of this treatment, including:

Telepsychiatry also helps to reduce delays that often happen in healthcare. By allowing much more flexibility, this form of treatment enables you to get the treatment you need in an appropriate amount of time.

What you can expect

Your telepsychiatry appointment is scheduled ahead of time, and you’ll be sent a link that connects you to a secure site, where you’ll see one of our doctors on a video call. We can also arrange for a telephone call if you don’t have a computer to use.

Once your appointment starts, it’s pretty much the same as an in-person appointment. You’ll talk to one of our doctors, who helps you manage your condition. You may also talk about your current medications, and our doctor can make any adjustments at this time as well.

It’s important to know that your conversations are completely secure and confidential — no one else but you and our doctor can access your appointment. Once your appointment is done, you’ll simply sign off of the platform after making a follow-up appointment.

If telepsychiatry interests you, call Carolina Wellness Psychiatry at 919-446-3232, or request an appointment using our online booking tool

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